Offering Wellness Services in Educational, Clinical,
Corporate, and Community Settings since 2007

“It’s rare these days to see someone so thorough! We are delighted with the continuous high quality of her work, her conscientious approach, and her timely and meticulous reporting in all aspects of her service. The feedback we have received through testimonials and satisfaction reports have been excellent.”

“Tatiana was a pleasure! Wonderful information and energetic presentation. Tatiana used humor to add to the presentation. Oasis in the middle of my work day. The group absolutely loved the seminar! It was very interactive and the participants were able to take away useful information.”

“Your commitment to the improved development of our program is much appreciated! Your level of expertise and knowledge has been a positive addition to our team. You [have] helped us refine our company program [by] helping our clients improve their behaviors and enhancing training materials.”

Onsite Assignments Include:


Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist and Certified Worksite Wellness Program Manager. Designed the first hybrid healthy habits workbook for employees: ‘Eight Weeks to Wellness,’ combining coaching with self paced learning to achieve the same results at 1/3 of the price per participant.


Wellness Health Educator and Seminar Facilitator. Toastmasters International Competent Communicator Award and Speech Prize winner. Experienced speaker across diverse industries at over 80 different sites in the Tri-State area. 90% rate of request for repeat seminars.
Tatiana Kaletsch


National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach. 11 years of Health Coaching in clinical, educational, corporate and community settings in USA and Internationally. Executive Committee Member of the International Association of Coaching. Trainer: ICF Health and Wellness Community of Practice.

What our Customers say

Doing great with water intake and healthy meals. Got the walks worked in, so I’m on my way to being active which was my goal. Please feel free to contact me when you have a chance, you have inspired me to live a healthy, strong life. Regards and much thanks.- Marie A.

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