Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

~World Health Organization, 1948

Our Purpose

BodyVision Health Coaching is driven by a passion to help busy adults improve their lives with the fundamental tools of lasting well-being. A healthy lifestyle is fully achieved when you learn practical strategies which you can customize and use again and again.

Our Values

We place the highest value on providing tangible results to each and every life we touch. Our signature three step process of Discovery, Design, and Implementation has a proven record both for individuals and groups. We strive for excellence through constant study and self-improvement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the structure, the resources, and the support needed to design an individual, durable Foundation of Wellness, step by step incorporating healthy habits into the everyday for an improved life quality and the freedom and peace of mind which underlie the ‘greater you.’

Guidance & Enlightenment

Using the right mix of skills and experience in the art and science of wellness.

The Value Proposition

Addressing employee health and productivity needs across the healthcare continuum.

Plan & Execution

Managing the direct and indirect costs associated with employee health status.

Tatiana Kaletsch
Corporate Methodology

Reaching the hard to reach, encouraging lifestyle changes, maintaining healthy behavior.

Relevant Documentation

Supporting your comprehensive evaluation strategy and report system.

Follow Up & Communication

Feedback and evaluation to help improve your program’s merit, worth, and significance.


Appropriate program elements provide organizations with the following benefits: overall alignment with goals and objectives, better participation and engagement, and better outcomes.

1. Data Driven

Design decisions are based on reliable data. Design is predicated on planning

2. Aligned

Alignment with goals and objectives. Integration with the total program model

3. Tested

A program which is evidence based, measured and pilot tested

4. Action

The ongoing process to implement, assess, revise, re-engineer and maintain.



Since 2007, BodyVision has worked with clients in educational, clinical, corporate and community settings in eight countries and in three languages worldwide.

Wellness in the corporate realm is a special challenge we are enthusiastic to address. From the fun creation of Planksgiving, Crunchmas, and Jumping January for the wintertime fitness theme of a shipping company on Wall Street, to the Grandma who was inspired to buy a little trampoline for home, we are there for you with your best inspirations.

Onsite Assignments Include:

Giving Back

We volunteer at Harvest Home NY to provide low-income communities with access to farm fresh local produce and the education to achieve healthier lifestyles. Active member of the City Parks Foundation, providing FREE sports instruction to over 14,000 kids and 1,000 seniors annually, at over 80 parks citywide.

Social Responsibility

Member and attendee of organizations such as the National Wellness Institute, Wellcoaches, the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, the Global Wellness Institute, the HERO Healthy Workplaces Healthy Communities, New York City Health Business Leaders, and the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine.

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