Care for the Caregiver

The National Family Caregivers Alliance ( estimates that 29% of the adult population is the United States is caring for another adult. A caregiver is an unpaid individual (a spouse, partner, family member, friend, or neighbor) involved in assisting others with activities of daily living and/or medical tasks. While this doesn’t make care-giving easier, websites like the one mentioned here have many resources in many languages to guide caregivers through this often difficult process. The following are some great resources and ideas to help caregivers maintain their own personal wellness. PART I: Take care of your own health. 1. Identify personal barriers: Many times, attitudes and beliefs form personal barriers that stand in the way of caring for yourself. Not taking care of yourself may be a lifelong pattern, with taking care of others an easier option. However, as a family caregiver you must ask yourself, “What good will I be to the person I care for if I become ill? If I die?” Breaking old patterns and overcoming obstacles is not an easy proposition, but it can be done—regardless of your age or situation. The first task in removing personal barriers to self-care is to identify what is in … Continue reading Care for the Caregiver