Employee Wellness Services

There is a growing emphasis on creating not only healthy individuals, but also healthy populations. As organizations and insurance providers take steps to create healthy workforces, there is a greater need for best practices that encourage healthy behaviors for diverse organizations. Your Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist (CWWS) and Program Manager (CWWPM) has the knowledge, experience, and tools needed to carry out successful worksite wellness programs. The most current information and research in the field of health promotion and wellness is used to work with an organization’s culture to ensure long-term results.

our mission

The Employee Wellness Specialist develops and improves comprehensive, effective employee wellness strategies for corporations. As an independent contractor, business owners are provided with access to tools which seamlessly integrate proactive, adaptable, and results-based wellness plans. 12 years of experience with clients in over 10 countries ensures that wellness programs are sensitive to corporate culture and customized to serve the overall goals of the organization.

our values

Wellness programs are successful when they connect to a bigger vision and inspire participation naturally. Values we bring to work each day? Innovation, precision, consistency, quality, and an evolutionary approach to change. Our vibes are in the enthusiasm for what we do, our future mindedness, healthy curiosity, and our ease with both the nitty gritty and the big picture. We respect the structures within which we work and are creative and deliberate in providing measurable results for your company.

our promise

Healthy, happy, and productive employees who engage in the wellness offering at your company and view it as a positive benefit of working there. Transparent evaluation of the initiatives you are incorporating and flexibility in considerations on where best to go from there. Experienced professionals by your side who grow and evolve with your program, for your program, and inspire all of your stakeholders. Confidence in knowing your program is fine-tuned, keeping you effortlessly at the top of your game.


  • Developing and sustaining a Wellness Culture.
  • Developing a Total Value Leadership Model.
  • Developing an Integrated Program Design and Implementation Plan.
  • Developing Environmental Supports that fit your culture.
  • Developing an Integrated Communications Plan.
  • Managing the Continuum of Health/Population Management.
  • Implementing the Primary Prevention/Lifestyle Management.
  • Implementing Health Risk Targeting/Interventions Programs.
  • Implementing Decision Support/Medical Consumerism Programs.
  • Implementing Chronic Disease Programs.
  • Implementing an Integrated Evaluation and Reporting Process.

What our Customers say

The overall FEEDBACK Was OUTSTANDING and Informative. Thanks so much for presenting this event. Happy New year!- Employee Assistance Program Coordinator, Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center, NYC Office of Mental Health

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