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Mastering health and well-being is a journey of personal growth. In the coach’s toolbox are relational skills that create the nonjudgmental and inspiring space for people to do their best thinking and be their best selves. Coaching conversations call us to be our best — calm, confident, warm and affirmative, full of zest and play, and courageous. While clients define and decide where they want to go and what they want to work on, their coaches direct the process to get there.

Why Health Coaching?

Especially in these challenging times, where the health care system is tough to navigate, the demands of everyday life have never been greater. We face a bewildering array of health and wellness guidelines, products and services, making it difficult to create a personal formula. Many of us have histories of repeated failure. The coaching relationship is the growth promoting relationship critical for the future success of consumer-directed health.


Perhaps the most wonderful aspect of being a masterful coach is that we grow along with our clients. Coaching conversations call us to be our best. To be the partner in someone’s small or large transformation is rewarding beyond compare.

What Coaching Does
What Coaching Does

  • Sets short- and long-term goals
  • Sets action plans and monitors progress
  • Develops personalized strategies to utilize a person’s strengths as a way to achieve the desired customers
Reasons that Coaching is Effective
Reasons that Coaching is Effective

  • For motivation, discipline, and accountability
  • For a personalized plan that evolves with your needs
  • For a guide through the morass of fitness, health and nutrition information that can confuse and bog down
  • For privacy and confidentiality
Reasons to Work with a Health Coach
Reasons to Work with a Health Coach

  • Written communication facilitates an action plan
  • Monitoring of the action plan helps hold the person accountable
  • A structured, supportive environment helps the person stay on course

What we can do for you

We assist clients to connect the dots between who they are and who they want to be. Coaching supports the integration of incremental behavioral steps towards sustainable healthy habits and a higher level of well-being.

  • Meet your organization’s health management goals
  • Provide one on one employee support and education
  • Address behavioral change to reduce health risks and improve life quality
  • Offer support, resources, and accountability in a confidential setting
  • Use diet, nutrition, mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing strategies
  • Apply the latest trends in health care for measurable results

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    Tatiana is an amazing health coach. Her success is achieved because she pays particular attention to an individual's needs and listens carefully to their personal barriers. Her keen assessment skills as well as her experience allow her to develop personalize plans for participants that help them achieve their goal through small, incremental steps that lead to sustained behavior change. She build trust with her participants, further enhancing the coach/participant relationship. Her talents include many aspects of total well-being with emphasis on tobacco cessation and weight management.- Lisa M. Holland, RN, MBA, CCWS - President-StayFit Plan