Group Coaching


The Group Health Coaching course online is an inviting, effective, results-oriented and joyful way to help individuals create sustainable healthy habits strategies according to personal pace, preferences, and priorities. The group setting is an atmosphere of support and caring together with others working towards similar goals.

The course has been developed in conjunction with Wellcoaches® and the American College of Sports Medicine. Your coach is an experienced Certified Health and Wellness Coach having also successfully completed the Master Course in Group Health Coaching. Your coach’s background includes having facilitated healthy lifestyle group courses in educational, corporate and community settings.

What is Group Health Coaching?

Group Health Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a group of 4-10 like-minded individuals where each participant begins by determining what they want to achieve and then creates a detailed plan to achieve it. Group Health Coaching combines proven coaching tools with the power of group support and accountability to help participants create their own success.

Why this course?


  • Group energy
  • Access to new resources
  • Shared ideas
  • Opportunity to build community and network
  • Accelerated motivation
  • Accountability
  • Strategies to overcome common obstacles
  • Easily using what you have learned in your daily life

Participants are empowered to enjoy a healthy change in their life.

How will it help?

Participants will be able to:

• Discuss common barriers to maintaining healthy habits which support well being
• Obtain knowledge and skills for effective goal setting adapted to personal lifestyle
• Improve confidence, thus improving personal health
• Manage time, energy and resources effectively
• Create an environment of support at home, at work, and free time
• Access to personalized resources to boost mind, body and spirit

Course Outline:

First Session:

  • Introduction
  • Review of Group Guidelines
  • Explanation of weekly session format
  • Sharing of each individual’s goals for the course
  • Feedback and Q&A

Ongoing Sessions:

  • Check-in: wins and challenges
  • Group discussion and class topic
  • What we will apply to our goals this week
  • Action steps
  • Takeaways


  • Celebratory Certificate
  • Format for participants to stay in touch after the course ends, or
  • Option to continue the group meetings for another series


The Group Coaching Course is for educational purposes. It does not provide medical diagnosis, prescriptions, or professional medical services to any participant in the program, and the information and recommendations provided in the materials do not constitute medical advice. For participants with special requirements, a visit to a doctor, nutritionist, exercise physiologist, or registered dietitian is recommended prior to enrolling in the course.

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