What We Do and How We Do it

Employee Wellness Services

Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist and Certified Worksite Wellness Program Manager. Designed the first hybrid healthy habits workbook for employees: ‘Eight Weeks to Wellness,’ combining coaching with self paced learning to achieve the same results at 1/3 of the price per participant.

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Onsite Health Promotions

Corporate wellness Health Educator and Seminar Facilitator. Toastmasters International Competent Communicator Award and Speech Prize winner. Experienced speaker across diverse industries at over 80 different sites in the Tri-State area. 90% rate of request for repeat seminars.

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Global Wellness Coaching

Certified Wellness Coach and Board Certified Coach. Eight years of Health Coaching in clinical, educational, corporate and community settings in three languages and in six countries. Executive Committee Member of the International Association of Coaching. 2015 WPO Panelist: Global Wellness Foundations Training.

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Think out of the Box

Companies that develop successful well-being programs recognize they must do more than just offer a program; they must create an organizational culture that allows employees to actively participate in it. Developing thriving employees requires taking a whole-person approach. After all, employees bring every aspect of themselves to work each day.

Corporate Wellness Specialist100%
Health Educator100%
Employee Wellness Specialist100%

Practical and Accessible

The less barriers to participation, the better. A variety of activities encourages individuals to participate where it makes sense to them.

Constantly evolving

A successful program takes time and is constantly evolving. It is a framework of many solutions that work together under one strategy.

Integrated Wellness

Integrated programs invite participation without making you feel it is a decision of either work or leading a healthy lifestyle.

Health Activities & Education

Health activities & learning help educate employees about their own health and empower them to set goals towards improvements.

Health Conscious

Your health promotion team leads a healthy lifestyle and encourages creative solutions for mental and physical well being at any age.

Constantly Learning

We have 30 certifications from Positive Psychology to Tobacco Cessation, from Group Coaching to ROI. Let us put them to work for you.

How we Improve Your Business

‘It’s amazing to learn that 55% of workers identified a workplace wellness program as an instrument in improving their overall well-being. In fact it equates to $250 million in savings in lowered health costs and a 50% reduction in high blood pressure among employees.’

Dr. Roger Sahoury, author of Gladiator’s Guide to Corporate Health & Wealth.

We help you to discover your potential

‘I view health and wellness as the new frontier and fuel for the successful businesses of tomorrow. When a team understands how much a company cares about each individual person, the people will work harder, be more dedicated and can more easily operate as one unit.’

Kevin Harrington, Forbes.com

Who We Are and
Why Are You Here

What’s good for employees is good for your business; taking care of employees is in your company’s financial interest. When employees feel good about their lives, they will be fully engaged at work and bring their best selves to work every day.

By creating a culture that allows employees to thrive across the five well-being elements, organizations gain a competitive advantage from employees’ maximized performance, reduced turnover and enhanced engagement.

BodyVision offers ten years of experience in professional speaking, teaching, coaching, account management, special event management, and employee wellness. Ask us how we can be of help.

What Our Customers Say

Tatiana has been providing services on our behalf to a variety of corporate companies and their moderate to high risk employees. We are delighted with the continuous high quality of her work, her conscientious approach to coaching and her timely and meticulous reporting in all aspects of her service. The feedback we have received through testimonials and satisfaction reports have been excellent and the outcomes in her one to one work show strong improvement in a variety of presenting wellness issues for all of her clients.- Manager, Global Wellness Solutions, Workplace Options