Onsite Health Promotions

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OnSite Wellness initiatives improve employee health through fun and engaging health related activities and information. Lunch & Learns, Powerpoint Presentations with Q&A, and Webinar options are important parts of a dynamic and interactive employee wellness program. Adult learning, shared experiences, individual case studies, and creative tips serve to enhance a feeling of belonging. Coupled with onsite Biometric Screenings and other onsite offerings, live talks on relevant subjects boost the motivation of all participants to adopt and sustain healthy behaviors.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Women and Men Wellness.jpg

Women’s Wellness
Men’s Wellness
Healthy Heart
Cancer Prevention

Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation
Weight Management
Back Care
Supermarket Smarts

Stress Management

Stress Management
Skin Protection
Blood Pressure
Time Management
Healthy Sleep
Meal Planning

Smart & Effective

The effective Corporate Health Educator and Seminar Facilitator prepares topics which are relevant and engaging, address participants interests, and speak within the context of where they work and how they live.

My background in teaching, acting, radio and video fosters connection with audiences both virtually and in person. 20+ years of living and working internationally ensures cultural sensitivity when presenting health topics to diverse industries, nationalities, departments, and individuals.

Corporate Speaking

Your audiences want to be drawn into the topics, receive cutting edge information, have their questions answered, and share their experiences.

Employee Engagement

Your employees’ success depends on their engagement with Onsite Health Promotions and activities. Built-in feedback systems fuel your programs and increase satisfaction.

Tatiana Kaletsch

Trusted by Many

”The group absolutely loved the seminar! It sounds like it was very interactive and the participants were able to take away the information also. Thank you for the feedback on the slides as well, we are in the process of updating the PPTs and this is exactly the kind of information that will help better the slides. I’m glad they were able to use the exercise bands also! What a great way to incorporate all of the information!”-

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